Jeremy Goodall


Jeremy Goodall


A film maker in the truest sense of the word, Goodall brings with him a cutting edge ability, through his extensive film training applied to digital technology. Big budget look and feel is standard fare with this combination in place, even on less than big budgets.

Having worked all over the globe, Jeremy has been put through his paces and faced huge film challenges on all fronts, from cost to technical to post. With Jeremy’s impressive client list boasting a long career in above the line commercial film making for the likes of Ford, Toyota, P&G, Unilever, Mitsubishi, CocaCola, Nivea and a host of others, he has gained a reputation for his hard working yet creative mastery in advertising.

It is Jeremy’s ability to connect with clients and translate the agency’s message succinctly that gives him the edge. With a few decades of experience under his belt, as well as his endless passion for the craft, he is always the right guy for the job. Whether its action, beauty, lifestyle or automotive, he will find the moment and get it in the proverbial can, bringing it to life with an edit that speaks volumes.