Marco Pinesi


Marco Pinesi

Currently residing in Beachwood Canyon, California, Marco divides his time between his homes in Bali and the United States.

His work combines an edgy visual style with energy talent direction and definite forward thinking attitude designed to elevate each commercial in a unique way. Combining this with his highly visual execution, attention to art direction and lighting, each commercial is intricately put together to satisfy clients needs. His work is often described as “Visually emotive imagery intertwined with realistic story telling”. More over, Marco’s works often incorporate large logistics and multiple set-ups over long production times. Clients are now seeking out his skills in directing to help deliver large-scale projects and work logistics such as cost , time and travel.

Advertising Clients in the cosmetic Industry regularly commission him on projects involving Celebrities for Beauty and Fashion based advertising over the past decade. As the demand for more visually striking content has grown and is spilling over into all styles of advertising , coupled with Marco’s ambition to explore film making in this ever changing digital era , has led to collaborations on a vast style of products , ranging from electronics , to consumables , to global travel.

A constant ambition to redefine creativity in filmmaking and a refined eye for beauty and graphic images. Marco honed his craft with a life time spent in photography and commercial film making, combining years of experience in Europe as a commercial table top photographer with several years in Sydney’s bustling international feature film industry. Marco has an ongoing working relationship with commercial clients out of London, New York, South America and Eastern Europe.