Clockwork Films Expands into Film, Television & Podcast


Clockwork Films announces a partnership with Oscar nominated producer David Permut (Hacksaw Ridge, Face/Off and currently Taylor Sheridan’s Bass Reeves) and award winning journalist and author, David Kushner. Clockwork Films and Permut have acquired the rights to Kushner’s book; “The Players Ball: The Secret History of the Internet’s Secret Rise.” The book tells the true story of the birth of the internet and two men’s ensuing battle over who controlled the rights to the multi-million dollar domain name: “sex dot com”

This epic, decade long war took them from the boardrooms of Silicon Valley to a gun fight in the bordellos of Mexico – and to the edges of their sanity. Along the way involving the likes of an eclectic cast of porn stars and programmers, billionaires and brainiacs, goons and gangsters.

According to Naomi Harvey, VP Development and Executive Producer at Clockwork Films, “This story isn’t just a nostalgic glimpse into the birth of the internet and online dating, it’s a crucial piece of American history.” The legal and technological implications continue to play out today, particularly in the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Clockwork Films has built an extensive slate of scripted television, feature film, documentary and podcast projects based on true stories and intellectual property with award-winning filmmakers and writers.

Other projects in development include, Who Whacked The Pope, Crying Wolf and Simon Says.

After a highly successful podcast series entitled The Enforcer, Who Whacked The Pope chronicles the life of Anthony Raimondi, one of the mafia’s most notorious hitmen. Raimondi was given the responsibility of assassinating of Pope John Paul I, was involved in the Lufthansa Heist and rampant government corruption. Pre-production on this project has commenced.

Crying Wolf is a tragically shocking story about Lee Harris who is serving 90 years behind bars, currently at Pontiac Correctional Center in Livingston County, Illinois. This is a story stranger than fiction where Harris, originally a police informant became the convicted suspect in a murder inquiry. With no murder weapon or evidence connecting Harris to the murder, he continues to serve a sentence for a crime he claims he did not commit.

Says Jamie Cohen of Clockwork Films, ‘Our goal is to empower creators to develop thought-provoking, authentic narratives that offer glimpses into the human experience.’