Clockwork Films hosts Production Playground Workshop

Clockwork Films’ First Production Playground Workshop kicked off in Perth

Despite the stormy weather, a fantastic group of young and ambitious agency creatives gathered Wednesday night at Cinemachine for the first Clockwork Films’ Production Playground workshop

Executive Producer Katie Trew, and Director Mikey Hamer helped guide the group through the basics of the film production. The workshop immersed the attendees into the world of cameras, equipment, and gear, revealing what goes into getting their ideas from concept to screen. The different roles on set were explored, offering invaluable insights into how each piece fits seamlessly in the grand production puzzle. They workshopped ideas on how to get the best production value from challenging budgets, and how writers and art directors can guide their precious ideas through the production process.

“We were thrilled to have a full house for our first play in the Production Playground. The stormy weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of these young ambitious creative minds,” said Trew. “We loved providing this free workshop for passionate agency creatives who want to fine tune their production knowledge and to be ready to get their ideas on the screen. It was a lot of fun.”