#futureisanattitude with hayden cox

#FUTUREISANATTITUDE lincoln caplice DIRECTS SPOT with hayden cox & we are social to tell a story OF PROGRESS

When innovation is led by multi-faceted design collaboration and reimagining ways to utilise production waste, Audi’s practices can evolve and push the boundaries of performance. A brand doing exactly that is Hayden Shapes. Founder and Audi ambassador Hayden Cox shares his story of progress, directed bv Lincoln Caplice, in Audi Australia’s latest #FutureIsAnAttitude film.

Against the backdrop of the serene Aussie beachside, Audi Australia partners with Hayden Cox and We Are Social to tell a story of progress, shedding light on the ways in which both Haydenshapes Surfboards and Audi Australia have successfully integrated sustainability into their core purpose and product design. We take a deep-dive into learning about the processes through which Haydenshapes Surfboards builds their exceptional products – from their use of recycled materials to the pioneering of bio-resins – paired with sleek and captivating visuals of
Audi E-Tron S’s innovative enviro-conscious features.

Looking to the future we are empowered to see how our choices can contribute to the foundations of a better world, as this inspiring story exhibits two distinct brands that share an essential common vision: to foreground sustainability without compromising performance.

“In a lot of ways we are from different worlds, but we have the same future in mind” – Hayden Cox