Unloan Unordinary

Unloan behind the scenes

Says Bennetts: “Making Unloan was a thrill ride. With a nod to ‘Alice in Wonderland’, we blurred the lines between fantasy and everyday life. The energy on set was electric, with everyone from the crew to the client pushing their creative limits. We carefully chose colours and lighting to create a world that felt both magical and familiar. Casting was key; we needed someone who could not just fit into this vibrant world but really bring it to life, making every moment resonate with viewers.”

Spearheaded by Creative Director Steve Hanzic the goal was to create a visually stunning film.

It was a fantastic job to work on that required detailed planning, strong creative vision and a hugely experienced approach to VFX. Samuel Bennetts provided all of these attributes and delivered in spades. Weeks of careful planning culminated in a massive studio production at Disney’s Stage #2 in Sydney.

The result speaks for itself.

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