Patrick Fileti joins Clockwork Films Director Roster

Patrick Fileti – a dreamer first, director second

Patrick Fileti, Clockwork Films newest director, shares how diverse stories have defined his career

From the moment Patrick was three years old, he delved headfirst into his dad’s collections of classic movies on VHS after miraculously figuring out how to work the TV. He watched the collection while the rest of the house was asleep, and it triggered an insatiable curiosity for stories and people. At the age of seventeen, he moved to London, then Barcelona, and then back to Sydney. During his travels, he worked his way through every possible rung of the production industry. He was a runner, he worked on the camera, in casting, wardrobe, assistant director, art department, and editing. Fifteen years later, he became a director.

“You could say that I’m a late bloomer,” he said.

Patrick’s creative energy focuses on capturing and exploring stories that resonate. With each project he takes on, there is a new story to be told. He adores the fact that he gets to delve into his artistic spirit, explore new realms, and push the boundaries of his own imagination. The director has nothing but love for the filmmaking process as it allows him to work with creative minds that can bring an idea from conception to reality “I count my blessings that I get to do this as a job, and I start from there,” was how he described his relationship with directing. A believer in trusting yourself and knowing that you won’t always have all the answers, Patrick encourages the understanding and appreciation for collaboration and listening to your team. “To be a sponge and have fun,” as he describes it.

Having had the experience of being able to travel the world, Patrick understands how lucky he is to be able to draw on different storytelling perspectives.

“These encounters have proved to be invaluable lessons, shaping me as a person. This yearning to absorb wisdom from different cultures has become the driving force behind my work”, he explained. “Whether it is crafting a deeply moving film and exhibition in collaboration with The Refugee Council or immersing myself in a spectacle of fire, surrounded by over 300 colossal wooden bulls adorned with fireworks for my documentary ‘Inferno’, my relentless pursuit has been to challenge myself and deepen my understanding of the human experience.”

Before starting on a project, the initial briefing call with an agency is everything to Patrick. He prepares by gathering all of his thoughts and ideas beforehand so he remains informed and ready to pitch when necessary. However, he also comes into the meeting with an open mind and open heart, and doesn’t push his agenda. He listens to the agencies and the clients to gain a better understanding of what they are after. From there he takes their ideas, couples them with his, and sees what works best.

“Truly listen to them and get a real sense of what they want! Then be bold and bring it to life in the most daring way you can,” he said when describing his initial process.

Previously a director for EXIT films, Division and Green Point Picture, Patrick is exploring a new adventure by joining forces with Clockwork Films.

Having worked with clients such as South Australia Tourism, Google, Jetstar Airways, Porsche and TAB, He is constantly producing content that is both informative and moving.

His most notable work outside of the world of advertisement being, Inferno, a documentary that was awarded Best Documentary in the Palm Springs International Shorts Festival in 2019. And his short film, Undercurrent, which explores the story of a young Syrian girl faced with tragedy is forced to find hope.

It’s inspiring to know that the little kid in awe of his dads old films, is now producing a heartfelt, emotional work that resonates with audiences in the same way the classics resonated with him as a child. For Patrick, the filmmaking story has come full-circle.

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