Valco is Coming Back to Adelaide 500


Showpony & Clockwork Films has delivered an ambitious new campaign for the return of the VALO Adelaide 500, one of the most significant motorsports events in South Australia’s history. After a 2-year hiatus, the event is returning to the streets of Adelaide, fulfilling a highly-popular election promise from recently elected Premier, Peter Malinauskas.

It’s the first time the event has been held in Adelaide as the last race of the Supercars calendar, and the final time Holden will compete in Australia.

“The stakes were high this year, and we all wanted to deliver something truly memorable,” says Parris Mesidis, Showpony Group Creative Director. “The VALO Adelaide 500 is more than a race. It’s an iconic entertainment event with a magnetic force all of its own. We wanted a campaign that was reflective of the significance of the event’s return and the state it calls home.”

The 60-second ad was launched during the AFL Grand Final, and showcases Supercars tearing through iconic vistas of South Australia as they converge in Adelaide for the country’s premier street race.

“We wanted to show the magnetism of the race, how it brings the whole state together for a major event on the tourism calendar,” adds Mesidis.

Says Jehad Ali, Director of Brand and Marketing at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet: “The new VALO Adelaide 500 campaign is a deliberate shift away from past creative approaches, promoting the incredible adrenaline of the event in an unexpected way. While bringing the heart-stopping power to life, we simultaneously highlight a selection of South Australia’s beautiful, renowned regions that are uniquely accessible from our CBD.

“We were determined to create a campaign more representative of our offerings – a world class event in the heart of the State that delivers world class tourism experiences.”

“The concept highlights what makes Adelaide such a unique venue for the event. Yes, it’s a street race and party in the CBD, but it’s also held in a really accessible state, where you can get from city to coast, to world-class wineries, to singular landscapes,” says Rory Kennett-Lister, Creative Director.

Delivering the scale and scope of the spot required a multifaceted creative approach that would still look and feel seamless. Says Kennett-Lister: “Executionally, what makes this remarkable is the combination of existing tourism footage, new shots from around our State’s regions, stunt drivers in our CBD, track cars, and photorealistic CGI – all to deliver a visual communication that’s a mix of motorsport entertainment, tourism and car chase action. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it was a brave decision from the client.”

Adds South-Australian born Director, Jolyon Watkins: “I fell in love with Showpony’s concept. It felt so true to the experience of the Adelaide street circuit – the raw, unexpected idea tapped into the love of motorsport that began when I was a boy watching the F1 on Wakefield Street. We kept traffic disruptions to a minimum, but never in my career have I ever heard the waiting traffic excited and cheering us on, for each and every take! I’m so excited that the VALO Adelaide 500 is back, and it’s pretty obvious to me that South Australia is too.”